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EATING FREELY –  It is time to heal binge eating

online + one to one programme


Do you feel like all you think about is food? And when you are not thinking about it you are finding yourself eating in secret because you feel shame about what you are eating?

You find yourself “starting again” every Monday, only to binge eat again a few days later when life becomes too stressful?

Welcome, you are in the right place. And it doesn’t have to be this way! It is possible to not feel out of control around food.


  • You have tried every diet out there – only to find yourself back where you started. Maybe even gaining weight in the process.
  • You feel “addicted” to food. It feels almost impossible to stop. Especially those sugary foods that you keep telling yourself you shouldn’t be eating.
  • You find yourself eating every emotion. Mad, glad or sad. It doesn’t matter. Food is always there.
  • You desperately want things to be different. To feel normal around food again, but how? Especially since dieting no longer seem to be working for you.
Happy woman free from binge eating
Food freedom

you don’t have to do it alone

And there is hope

Things can change, that it is possible to get to a point where food, eating and weight is not something that is continuously preoccupying your mind.

Maybe you’ve spent thousands of hours and euros on different diets, only to find that though things might feel momentarily better, you inevitably find yourself back in the same place you had promised yourself you had left behind for good.

Can I tell you a secret?

The reason you feel like a failure is because diets set us up to fail. It was never about your lack of willpower. In fact I bet you have a lot more of it than most. Our bodies were never made to sustain famines forever. Your body is designed to try and keep you alive.

This is why dieting will never be the answer to heal emotional eating or binge eating. What we need is to learn to care for ourselves with kindness and compassion. To make food choices from a place of self care and to meet our emotional needs with a wide variety of tools and support.

I have been where you are

I spent a big part of my life obsessing over food and my body. The scales were what determined my happiness (and my self-worth). I was either on a diet, thinking about a new diet or binged on food. It seemed really difficult to find any middle ground in the madness. It was either all or nothing. And I felt miserable.

I believe that you deserve to live a life free from food obsession and at peace with our bodies. A life where we are taking care of the bodies we have right now, in ways that feels good. Behaviours that are rooted in compassionate self-care, not some arbitrary diet culture BS.

Recovery from binge eating is possible and I am here to support you all the way.

So if diets & dieting doesn’t work… then what?

How will I know what to do when I can't trust my body?

I get it. Years of going from one diet to the next can leave us feeling out of control but also out of knowing what we really like to eat. And what feels good and nourishing for your body.

Togehter we will explore what feels good now, and how you can feed yourself from a place of care instead of fear.

I still want to lose weight, but in a healthy way.

Of course. Most of us do because we live in a world where thinness deeply valued. However, if dieting worked would it not have worked for you by now?

You can take care of your body in ways that supports your health without focusing on weight loss. Let’s explore this together.

If weight loss is not the goal then what is?

Over the course of the programme you will develop new and extensive tools for coping with difficult emotions, beyond turning to food.

You will (re) learn to attune and respond to hunger and fullness cues to reduce  and stop binge eating.

You will find ways to be flexible with food, to eat what you want in ways that feels enjoyable and nourishing without guilt.

And most of all you will find that food and eating takes a back seat in your life so that you can focus on the things you value and that makes you happy.

Food does not need to consume your life… You deserve peace.

how it works

Here’s how the eating freely programme works


Fill out my contact form to schedule a 30 min free session to discuss where you are at and explore if this programme is a good fit for you.

Or book in directly using the button below.


we start with the one session per week for the first 5 weeks and then moving on to a session every other week. This is to get momentum in your recovery journey.

Each session is 1h. In between sessions you will be working on taking steps towards a life free from food and weight obsession, using the tools and practices you are learning. 


Part of the Eating Freely Programme is the 16 module online programme where you have access to additional eductional material, handouts and more, which will support you in between our zoom calls and beyond.

You will also have access to me for questions and support via email throughout the programme.



Eat Food without guilt & shame


Understand the role your brain plays in habits


Enjoying eating foods that are nourishing in every way


Having more time to spend on things that truly matters to you



Judgement around what you do or don’t eat


Rigid or restrictive diet plans that feel impossible to follow


A focus on weight or weight loss


A quick fix to a long-term problem

"Linn is warm, knowledgeable and compassionate in her approach. "

I always left our sessions with some nuggets and new ways of looking at a situation, which helped me take forward moves at my own pace. Linn always met me where I was at, providing a safe and open space.
-Eve – Past Client –

“A fascinating journey of self-discovery."

There was a positive shift towards inner peace and perception. I feel I have a useful set of tools to move forward with courage and happiness . Sincere thanks to my therapist for her support and insight.

-Brenda – Past Client –





€ 250



€ 795

questions before you commit?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight on this programme ?

Who knows? This is not a weight loss programme, we will not be placing focus on intentionally losing weight as dieting is often a big part of what drives binge eating. Your body will land where it is comfortable when adequately nourished. Many participants find that at the end of the journey they are happy in themselves in ways that are less connected to what they look like and equipped with skills to nourish their body so that it will fuel their life.

I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, is this programme still for me?

Well it depends… It depends what type of eating disorder as this particular programme is aimed towards those who are struggling with binge eating and not for someone with a predominantly restrictive ED. It will also depend on the severity and what other support (healthcare and other) that you also have in place. I do offer 1:1 nutrition counselling sessions that may be a better fit for you.

Do you offer in person or virtual appointment?

All sessions are currently delivered online via Zoom.

How is the content delivered?

This is a programme is delivered as an online programme with weekly video modules + a series of 1:1 sessions via Zoom.

The amount of online sessions depend of which package you choose.

When do I pay?

Your payment or payment plan will be set up and commence before the first session.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment is via the secure online service Stripe.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule any 1:1 session up to 24h in advance without any cancelation fees occuring.