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What if you could reduce binge eating episodes

without leaning on willpower?

  • Are you someone who finds yourself binge eating in secret because you are ashamed of your food choices?


  • Do you come home from a long day only to raid the fridge whilst you are cooking dinner, and then feel bad about that?


  • Do you wake up in the morning promising yourself that today you’ll be “good” only to binge eat in the car on the way back home from work?


  • Does it feel like you are either trying to limit your food intake or thinking about what you can and cannot have? And if you’re not, then you are bingeing and feeling out of control?


It is possible to feel calm, relaxed and in charge around food and eating. Don’t believe me?


Come join me in this FREE Master Class has been designed for people just like you.

In this FREE Master Class I will be showing you my top three tips that can helps you reduce binge / emotional eating, which are simple and easy to use.


If you are ready to begin the journey of finding peace with food, eating and your body then let’s start here together.

In this Master Class I will teach you:

  • What drives binge and emotional eating
  • How we can break free from the merry-go around of dieting – restricting – bingeing
  • Three ways we can navigate binge eating episodes without relying on    willpower


Binge eating and all that comes with it can take up SO MUCH brain space and you are worthy of freeing up this space to dedicate to other things that brings joy to your life!

Healing our relationship with food and body can be challenging but there are some short cuts, and I truly want to share these with You. Maybe you have already tried lots of things before. I do believe things can get better.


Then sign up for my Free “How to reduce binge eating episodes – no willpower required” 


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Linn Thorstensson is a Non Diet Nutritional Therapist who offers nutritional counselling to folx who struggle with their relationship to food, eating and their body.

I strive to practice from a Health At Every Size, trauma informed and social justice lens. (I am however human and won’t always get it right!).

In my work I draw on a multitude of modalities, such as Intuitive Eating, Mindfulness and mindful eating, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Neuroscience, Somatic practices and Nutritional Therapy. However the intention is to work with my clients in a person centred way. This means that every persons programme and journey will be unique.

I also actively engage in continued education and ongoing supervision.

Beyond that I lean on my own recovery, self development work, therapy and of course each and every client I have worked with in the past who have taught me much beyond what the textbooks ever could!

But most of all I am here to listen and guide you on your journey to make peace with food, eating and your body.