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SE2 – Ep5: The Impact of Social Media with Nadia Felsch

by | May 22, 2024 | Lifestyle, Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode with the lovely Naida Felsch, look at topics such as the impact social media and the content we consume there can have on our relationship we have with food.

Nadia Felsch, BHSc (she/her) is a nutritionist, intuitive eating counsellor, feminist and fat activist. She is a white, thin, woman living on unceded Gadigal Country in Sydney Australia with her partner and two miniature dachshunds named Toast and Avocado. Her work is underpinned by the great unlearning of, and healing from the the typical narratives we all hold about food, health and our bodies. Nadia supports folks to re-connect with and trust their innate body wisdom, to find what works for them in how they care for and relate to their bodies – smashing norms along the way!

In this podcast episode on The Impact of Social Media we explore:

  • The intersection of Diet Culture & Wellness Culture
  • How easy it can be to get sucked into following the wellness guru in pursuit of health (and possibly thinness and happiness)
  • “Unlearning” things related to health, weight, wellness
  • How the Social Media landscape has changed over the years

Both Nadia and I have been on Instagram since the early days and both our work, how we think about ‘health’ has evolved over the years and we discuss this too.

There may be some points in this conversation that feel controversial, this is what Nadia means when she talks about the “unlearnings”.

How we use social media can greatly affect our relationship with food, eating and our bodies. It can be a great place for learning and for connecting with others. It can also be a place rife with body comparisons, normalising of disordered eating and sometimes even a glamorization of eating disorders. This is what we talk about when we talk about the impact of Social Media.

You can find Nadia here:


Her Podcast

On Instagram

Looking for some support to heal disordered eating or eating disorder recovery? Check out my 1:1 offerings here.

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