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SE1 – Ep8: Taking the path to body acceptance with Shauna Farrell

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode I speak with Shauna Farrell about taking the path to body acceptance. A road that is often windy and long and challenging.

Shauna is a Psychologist, Wellbeing Specialist and Intuitive Eating Counsellor. She has an MSc in Health Psychology and experience working with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

Shauna became interested in Intuitive Eating around 4 years ago when she read the book Just Eat it by Laura Thomas. The IE principles really resonated with her due to a past history of dieting and disordered eating. Shauna then began her instagram page wellbeing.with.shauna in an attempt to connect with people from the IE community and help them to ditch diet culture and improve their body image. 

I loved speaking with Shauna and how she so generously shared her own journey from chronic dieting towards intuitive eating and body acceptance. She talks about the experience of weight stigma and body comments and how this had an impact on how she felt about her body.

As a health psychologist she speaks about how most trainings in healthcare are typically weight centric and how she has shifted her own beliefs and values around health and weight both personally and professionally in the past number of years. She now practices from a non-diet weight inclusive lens.

We also talk about how difficult weight gain can be as part of this healing journey, but that it can also be something that is both necessary and healthy. This is a big part of talking the path toward body acceptance.

Shauna shares in this podcast episode some of the practices that has helped her along to find body acceptance and a new found freedom around food.

You can find more about Shauna here:

IG: @wellbeing.with.shauna

TikTok @wellbeing.with.shauna Website


Find out more about working with Linn here.

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