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SE1-Ep7: Exploring Fullness

by | Jan 21, 2024 | Binge Eating, Podcast | 0 comments

In this week’s episode I’ll talk about exploring fullness. What is comfortable fullness? Is fullness and satisfaction the same thing?

I talk about how eating enough food can feel grounding and helps establish a sense of safety in the body. We will also look at some of the reasons why it might be difficult to stop eating, even if you think that you are eating enough and the any overeating or binge eating is as a result of restriction or deprivation.

This episode is a little bit shorter than previous ones, apparently I didn’t have as much to say on this topic as I thought. However, I still think you will get some useful insights out of it.

Honouring our inner sensations of fullness is a big part in eating disorder recovery work, especially if you are trying to recover from binge eating disorder. And even if you don’t have a diagnosed eating disorder, repairing your relationship with food, eating and your body will include attunement to your hunger and fullness cues.

Looking for support with having a better relationship to food? Explore my 1:1 work here.

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