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SE2-Ep2: The importance of family support in ED recovery with Deirdre Reddan

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Podcast | 0 comments

In this week’s guest episode, I speak with Deirdre Reddan from Supported Families.

Deirdre Reddan is an Eating Disorder Coach and Parent Coach. She works with both parents and individuals and jointly runs online group programmes for parents affected by eating disorders.

Deirdre is also an associate instructor with Youth Mental Health First Aid Ireland.

She is passionate on the topic of disordered eating and eating disorders, and the importance of educating and raising awareness around this complex and often misunderstood area.

She is also passionate about supporting parents, who are often the untapped superpower when a person is unwell. She has delivered numerous workshops and webinars to both sporting and large commercial organisations, and to healthcare professionals.

What Supported Families bring to the families (parents, siblings and partners) of people who are struggling and on the road to recovery from an eating disorder is invaluable.

In this episode we speak of Deridre’s lived experience as a parent of a child with an eating disorder and also what support you as a loved one can give if you are close to someone living with an eating disorder.

This episode will be beneficial for anyone who is a parent, friend or partner of someone on their recovery journey. Because it can be a bewildering and often lonely journey, not only for the person who struggles but also for those around them. We discuss early warning signs, where to turn to if you are concerned that something isn’t right and much more.

Join their video series for supporting families here

Find out more about Deirdre ( and Zusanna’s) work here:



IG: @supported_families

Another episode that relate to this one is SE2-Ep1 in which guest Kristi Koeter shares not only her own story but also abit about parenting two daughters through their eating disorder recovery.

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